Elite prostitutes in Lviv

Elite prostitutes in Lviv

Elite prostitutes - the choice of the elect, those who appreciate sexual pleasure and knows a lot about them. Sex for money is always - in one form or another - was present in the culture, it suffices to recall the Greek heter or Japanese geisha, who were the delights of nobles and the rich. Today, VIP-independent prostitutes are followers of those traditions, ladies who are able to give pleasure to men in both the physical and the spiritual realm.

Features of elite prostitutes

The first and most important thing that many clients pay attention to when choosing and ordering a prostitute is the cost. In the VIP class, she is significantly higher than the average, which deters many customers. But it should be understood that the elite prostitute is not just an expensive whore of Lviv, but a woman who is interesting in all respects - the one with whom it is pleasant just to be around, not to mention sex.

Distinctive features of confused VIP-categories:

Model appearance. This applies to everything - body, face, clothes. These girls do not just look great by nature, but also take care of themselves. Therefore, their figure conforms to generally accepted standards of beauty - high breasts, taut tummy, long slender legs, gorgeous hair, pretty face;

• Well-groomed appearance. Elite prostitutes carefully monitor themselves, and therefore you will never catch them in the negligence of makeup, poor manicure or pedicure. You will not have to deal with poorly chosen clothes, unwashed hair or bad breath. These girls are always on top;

• Ability to keep yourself. Proper behavior in public places or companies is an important skill inherent in elite prostitutes in Lviv. These girls not only look perfect, but also behave in an appropriate way, they are able to keep up the conversation on any topic, to charm a man. No wonder many of them work in Lviv escort agencies, playing the role of pleasant companions and interesting interlocutors;

• Experience and skill. Prostitutes VIP-categories are able to offer customers not only classic sex and blowjob, but also surprise with group or anal sex, please with exotic skills and practices.

Elite prostitutes are beautiful and intelligent slaves who will be interested not only in bed, but also in going to a restaurant or cinema, as a business meeting or while relaxing on the sea coast.

Unforgettable sex in Lviv

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