Visit Lviv, weekend sex tour.

Visit Lviv, weekend sex tour.

As to how good a girl in bed was at the call of Lviv, I heard more than once from my comrade, who often went to work there on business trips. Each of his visits to Ukraine turned into a real adventure novel about numerous entertainment in Lviv - from alcohol and striptease to sexual adventures. So, as soon as I had the opportunity to go to the sex tour in Lviv, I did not stop using it.

Day one: erotic massage in Lviv

The first day (just the day) I have devoted completely to the sights of the city. There are a lot of them, but I paid the utmost attention to the historic city center. Here is what to admire, what a poncho, where to eat and rest. It is pleasantly pleasing to prices for everything - excursions, food, souvenirs. But this was not my main goal.

After a little evening rest, I went to find beautiful girls in Lviv. There are really plenty of them - practically every club or bar is filled with these beautiful creatures. Moreover, many do not even hide their purpose here. In my eyes, many guys quickly got acquainted, treated the chosen lady with a couple of cocktails and were removed for more intimate pastime.

I was not in such a hurry, not only for the sake of a quick blowjob, I came to Lviv. Having walked around a few bars, I stopped in one of those where today was a strip show. Here I ordered a private dance and found out that here you can rent a prostitute. To do this, go to the building from another entrance with an inviting neon sign "Massage Salon" and order a "Special erotic massage with a sequel." So I did.

I was offered to choose a masseuse before payment. Scrolling through a small brochure with photos of girls, I opted for a miniature Yulia with a perky, elastic chest and a rounded booty. The real girl completely matched the photos. In any case, in the intimate twilight of the cabin. And she almost immediately switched from the usual massage to the erotic, simultaneously performing several elements of striptease. So I wound up almost instantly.

Having worked with her hands and mouth, the girl quickly moved on to the main program. It included classic sex and deep blowjob without a condom. In this case, Julia showed her best side. Honestly, I don’t even remember how many times I finished - all the ends were enchanting, but Yulia showed real skill, and after 10-15 minutes I was ready to have sex with this insatiable girl once more. In general, the evening was a success in all respects, and Julia exhausted me so that I was not confident in my own strength for tomorrow. Such implausible at first glance reviews of prostitutes in Lvіv turned out to be true in the end!

Day two: anal sex in Lviv

A light hangover and fatigue after sexual exploits did not allow me to continue my studies of full-fledged sex tourism in Lviv. So I decided to stay in the room and use the services of a call girl. But the question arose how to call them ... However, it was decided all by itself - after the first appeal to the search engine I was offered to use the services of the service. This is a site with a lot of real profiles of independent prostitutes working on call and in their own apartments.

Actually, the selection process turned out to be the most difficult and tedious. There are so many girls here that at first you even get lost. But then I used the filters and the task was significantly simplified. I decided to diversify my sexual practice and chose Eva - juicy mom, offering role-playing and anal sex besides the classics.

Is it worth telling in detail how it all happened? Unfortunately, I am not the author of "Emmanuel", and therefore do not know how to beautifully describe the sex scenes. But I can definitely say that Eva bears such a name for good reason - in any case she is the first woman in anal sex for me and for my experience!