Relax massage in Lviv

Relax massage in Lviv

Relax massage in Lviv

Relax massage in Lviv is something that I have never had to try until recently, although I often go to Ukraine for the company in which I work. Despite the stories and advice of colleagues, I have always believed that the best relaxing massage is still done here in Turkey - in a good hammam, and a massage therapist must still be a man.

Erotic massage

Not so long ago, I had a birthday and one of my colleagues and my old comrade Gyurhan decided to give me a visit to the massage salon in Lviv, since we were just going there on a business trip. Refusing a gift did not allow me upbringing. And why not try something new. Moreover, I did not have to spend money on a massage.

Having completed all our business in the morning, we decided to devote the second to rest. After all, we had to leave only tomorrow. And Gurkhan took me to one "great place" in which he himself was in his stories regularly. It was a salon of erotic massage in the city center. However, there was not a single hint of sex services in the signboard. From which I concluded that not everyone can get the sweetest here.

The pacifying atmosphere inside and the smell of incense immediately set me up in the right way. I felt how exhausted in recent days, and most of all I wanted just a massage with soft melodic music, not thinking at all about sex. However, my opinion changed when the administrator offered me a small album with rather frank photos of masseuse prostitutes. There were a little more than a dozen and they were all stunning. A little thought, I chose a busty blonde named Lana and I was taken to a massage room, where I exposed myself waiting for the girl.

Massage and blowjob in Lviv

The girl did not have to wait long - she effectively appeared in the office, erotically shaking her hips and dancing. Lana completely corresponded to the photo, even seemed even more attractive in the twilight and sexy outfit: a short red robe, stockings and shoes en high platform.

She nodded and smiled, asking only one thing - how many times would I like to finish. I decided that two orgasms in one session is more than enough, and the girl started to work. Her hands were gentle and yet strong enough. She kneaded my body well, acting only with her hands at first and using a little oil with incense. Gradually, the oil became more and more, and the girl herself was exposed, remaining only in stockings. Oil beautifully gleamed on her body, protruding nipples and shaved pubic smoothly. And she did the massage with her whole body, not at all embarrassed by my “soldier” standing in full force. The first time I came from her gentle touch ...

Then, having rested a little, the girl started the second part - a great blowjob, which didn’t look like a massage at all (even the most erotic). Everything was as in a fog - whether from incense, or from the tenderness that Lana showed. So the second orgasm was not long in coming.

Well, after the shower, I received another batch of massage - this time exceptionally relaxing and just as good as at home in Turkey. True, it is still much nicer when you are massaged by such a nice girl like Lana ...